The business of eternal salvation is certainly an affair that matters more to us than all others; however it is the most neglected by Christians. (Saint Alphonsus Maria de Liguori)

Our priests are faithful to the Church’s perennial and unchanging Magisterium in matters of faith and morals and have welcomed the Motu Proprio of Benedict XVI Summorum Pontificum. They also believe that the imposition upon priests and faithful to receive Communion in the hand is a liturgical and canonical abuse. They believe in the visibility of the Church and recognize Pope Francis as the 266 Roman Pontiff and Vicar of Christ. is the first online spiritual assistance platform.

We provide an online spiritual assistance service for the “health of souls” by matching the queries of the faithful with the knowledge and generosity of priests. 

This is the mission and objective of the platform and for this reason our name references the well-known principle which states accordingly salus animarum suprema lex. This foundational teaching is not only found in canon law, but also in that of the spiritual life of every baptized person who must have, as an indispensable rule of one’s own actions, the salvation of his or her soul in mind. 

In this sense, the priests present on the platform are at the disposal of the faithful in order to carry out their precious work of care and salvation of souls – even online.

WHO IS IT FOR? is aimed at Catholic faithful from all over the world and from all age groups. Young or old, fathers or mothers of families, in  general any person who feels the need to have a personal conversation with a priest to obtain spiritual comfort, answers to their doubts, and to better orient their lives. 

Is it a kind of online “confession”?

Absolutely not! The real presence of the priest is necessary to receive the Sacrament of Confession. The meeting is a remote meeting (video streamed) between the priest and faithful who “converse together” so that the faithful can find answers to their questions and thus better orient and support their actions. 

It is a form of spiritual conversation which has nothing to do with a real “direction” and which is in no way comparable to sacramental confession which can only and exclusively take place individually and in full accordance with the norm of can. 964, namely physically.

Is the meeting free?

Yes, the spiritual assistance service is totally free thanks to the generous availability of the priests registered on the platform.

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